About us

Dr Robert Key graduated from Parker University of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX, in May of 2001. Dr Key and his wife Cindy have three children, Logan (24), Mallory (22), and Ryne (18). We opened our office in Fairview, TN, in April of 2002.


Dr Key uses several different adjusting techniques including : manual manipulation-diversified, drop-table technique- Thompson, and instrument adjusting- activator.

We implement modalities including: Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Ultra-sound, Intersegemental Traction, Manual muscle manipulation, and mechanized  muscle manipulation.

We also have a rehab program to retrain your muscles to reduce the probability of future injuries.

Drop by anytime to see our facilities and learn more about our office – you can contact us here.

Proactive Care ~ 2014

As we look forward to 2014 we have many unanswered questions … and many healthcare lessons that can be relearned.

One of the simplest healthcare lessons is that healthy living is the simplest solution and the easiest  on your budget too!

We hear a lot about new discoveries in healthy living but most of the lessons have been around …. for a long long time.

Diet and Exercise. Regular exercise keeps our bodies in tune, keeps our weight down, keeps the blood flowing, and proactive practices such as jogging, yoga, mental exercise, and yes, Chiropractic care contributes to your bodies resilience, strength, and stamina.

In many ways, Chiropractic care helps your joints, muscles, and flexibility often preventing much more expensive procedure later.

If Chiropractic isn’t included in your health plan, you’re missing out on a benefit you have earned and paid for, a real plus that you are missing when you don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

At Key Chiropractic we want to be part of your ‘successful living’ plan, contributing to your successful living as you make contributions to your life style.